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The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

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Terence Lau, University of Dayton

Lisa Johnson, University of Puget Sound

Copyright Year: 2011

ISBN 13: 9781936126583

Publisher: Saylor Foundation

Language: English

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Reviewed by Mary Fenske, Paralegal & Business Faculty, North Hennepin Community College on 5/21/18

The text provides a very general overview of the legal environment of business. I used it for an online course and felt it lacked important areas such as general employment law, including agency, employment relationships (employment at will, wage... read more

Reviewed by Eric Chaffee, Professor, The University of Toledo College of Law on 8/21/16

The version of this text that I reviewed is a well-structured introduction to the legal issues surrounding modern business. It is a basic text that is designed for business students, rather than law students. While it would be impossible to... read more

Reviewed by Brian Russell, Lecturer, University of Kansas School of Business on 8/21/16

In my opinion, the text covers many of the essentials of business law appropriately, however, I would like to see it expanded to include more on agency and more on federal laws applicable to employment other than laws addressing discrimination.... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Law
  • Chapter 2: The Court System
  • Chapter 3: Litigation
  • Chapter 4: Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Chapter 5: The Constitution
  • Chapter 6: Contracts
  • Chapter 7: Torts
  • Chapter 8: The Property System
  • Chapter 9: Intellectual Property
  • Chapter 10: Criminal Law
  • Chapter 11: Business Organizations
  • Chapter 12: Employment Discrimination
  • Chapter 13: Business in the Global Legal Environment

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  • About the Book

    Terence Lau & Lisa Johnson's The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business is a book for today's student, who expects learning to be comprised not only of substance, but also of interactive exercises and multimedia. This book streamlines the presentation of material to ensure that every page is relevant, engaging, and interesting to undergraduate business students, without losing the depth of coverage that they need to be successful in their academic journeys and in their professional careers. This is not Legal Environment of Business (LEB) ”light.“ Rather, this is LEB without risk of students' eyes glazing over in boredom or from lack of comprehension. This is LEB presented in an exciting way, where every page is interesting to students and relevant to real life.

    The authors recognize that the sheer volume of information to be covered in a LEB course makes it one of the more challenging courses for the business undergraduate. Not only do typical LEB texts read like the first year curriculum at law school, but also the LEB course is grounded in the humanities, which can make the subject even more demanding for students who are also taking statistics, economics, finance, and accounting.

    Each chapter contains not only substantive law, but also illustrative videos, interactive exercises for hands-on learning, and discussion questions for critical thought. Additionally, each chapter presents ”A Question of Ethics“ section, which contains real world ethical dilemmas relevant to the topic under study. These videos, exercises, discussion questions, and ethics sections all provide opportunities for students to apply concepts that they are learning in the context of relevant LEB topics that shape or restrain actual decision-makers' actions. It's real world practice in the safety of the classroom environment.

    Lau & Johnson's The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business is a textbook that students will enjoy reading. This will encourage them to come to class prepared, and free you to teach the kind of course you want to teach. Request a desk copy and see for yourself.

    About the Contributors


    Terence Lau is an associate professor of business law in the Management/Marketing Department at the School of Business Administration, University of Dayton (UD). He served as the 2006 Supreme Court Fellow at the Supreme Court of the United States. Prior to joining UD, he was in-house counsel to Ford Motor Company in Detroit and Director for Governmental Affairs for ASEAN to Ford Asia-Pacific in Bangkok. He holds a JD from Syracuse University.

    Lisa Johnson is an Associate Professor at the University of Puget Sound School of Business and Leadership. She holds a J.D. with a certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from the Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College, a PhD from Portland State University in Public Affairs and Policy, with a dissertation field in political theory, an MPA in international environmental policy from Indiana University, and an MFA from Pacific Lutheran University. She is a Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

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