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Slavery to Liberation: The African American Experience

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Joshua Farrington, Eastern Kentucky University

Norman W. Powell, Eastern Kentucky University

Gwendolyn Graham, Eastern Kentucky University

Copyright Year: 2019

ISBN 13: 9781734328905

Publisher: Encompass Digital Archive

Language: English

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Reviewed by Grace Gipson, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University on 9/5/22

This is a text that offers a wide-reaching approach to the field African American Studies and the overall Black experience. This is useful so that multiple perspectives are brought to the forefront. It is also a very readable text that can be used... read more

Reviewed by William Devine, Adjunct Art Dept., Holyoke Community College on 6/20/21

From the 15th century to the 21st Century African American history is American history. The text is gives numerous examples throughout history what transpired to precipitate the color black as a negative image be it the color of someones skin to... read more

Reviewed by Tom Reifer, Professor, University of San Diego on 5/3/21

A book that ranges so far as this cannot really ever be said to be comprehensive, but that being said, this text gives a fairly wide range of coverage, with generally good or impressive use of sources, despite occasional areas that one might... read more

Reviewed by Nemata Blyden, Professor, The George Washington University on 1/31/21

The book is very comprehensive in its breadth and depth, fulfilling its aim to expose students to African American experiences. read more

Table of Contents

  • Ch. 1: Introduction to the African American Experience, by Aaron Thompson
  • Ch. 2: Concepts of Beauty: Black and White Connotations, by Norman Powell
  • Ch. 3: Gumboot Dancing, Origins, Influences and Uses, by Nicola Mason 
  • Ch. 4: “The Strong Cords of Affection” Enslaved African American Families and Escape to the U.S. North and Canada, 1800 1861, by Oran Kennedy 
  • Ch. 5: Some Notes on the History of Black Sexuality in the United States, by John P. Elia 
  • Ch. 6: The Education of African Americans in the U.S., by Jayne Beilke 
  • Ch. 7: “It is Our Freedom that Makes Us Different”: Freedom and Identity in Post-Civil War Indian Territory and Oklahoma, by Leroy Myers
  • Ch. 8: "Fire on the Hills" : The All-Black 2nd Ranger Infantry Company, by James Sandy 
  • Ch. 9: Prophecy in the Streets: Prophetic Christianity and the Civil Rights Movement, by Richard Thomas 
  • Ch. 10: “The Whole Matter Revolves around the Self-Respect of My People”: Black Conservative Women in the Civil Rights Era, by Joshua D. Farrington
  • Ch. 11: “Black Steel”: Intraracial Rivalry, Soft Power, and Prize Fighting in the Cold War World, by Andrew Smith
  • Ch. 12: Critical Issues in African American Health, by Kevin McQueeney
  • Ch. 13: Black Radicalism, Black Consciousness, Black History, Black Liberation, Black YouTube: A New Age Revolution, by Cheryl Mango 
  • Ch. 14: For the Culture: Examining the Electoral Success of African American Incumbents in the U.S. Congress, by Emmitt Y. Riley III 

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  • About the Book

    Slavery to Liberation: The African American Experience gives instructors, students, and general readers a comprehensive and up-to-date account of African Americans’ cultural and political history, economic development, artistic expressiveness, and religious and philosophical worldviews in a critical framework. It offers sound interdisciplinary analysis of selected historical and contemporary issues surrounding the origins and manifestations of White supremacy in the United States. By placing race at the center of the work, the book offers significant lessons for understanding the institutional marginalization of Blacks in contemporary America and their historical resistance and perseverance.

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    Joshua Farrington, Eastern Kentucky University

    Norman W. Powell, Eastern Kentucky University

    Gwendolyn Graham, Eastern Kentucky University

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