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Romeo and Juliet

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Rebecca Olson, Oregon State University

Copyright Year: 2021

Publisher: Oregon State University

Language: English

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Reviewed by Jeanette Tran, Associate Professor, Drake University on 12/31/21

This is a comprehensive edition of Romeo and Juliet, which distinguishes itself from other open access online editions by including editorial notes. This edition also includes resources for teachers, like bibliography, and detailed lesson plans... read more

Reviewed by Maya Mathur, Professor of English, University of Mary Washington on 7/11/21

This is a comprehensive edition of Romeo and Juliet. The text includes a detailed introduction to William Shakespeare, the historical period during which he was writing, and the nature of publication in the period. The editors have drawn... read more

Table of Contents

  • The Play
    • Act 1
    • Act 2
    • Act 3
    • Act 4
    • Act 5
  • Educational Resources for Teachers
    • Racism
    • Ableism
    • Classism
    • Contextualization
  • Supplementary Lesson Plans
    • Act I Focus: Family Dynamics and Misogynistic Language in the Early Modern Period
    • Act II Focus: Representation of Class Through Language
    • Act III Focus: Gender Dynamics and Storyline
    • Act IV Focus: Language Variance Across Editions
    • Act V Focus: The Narrative of Shakespeare

Ancillary Material

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  • About the Book

    This edition of Romeo and Juliet was edited by students for students. We believe that reliably edited versions of the play should be available for free online. But we wanted ours to be easy to get in other ways as well. The editors—Oregon State University students who remember, far better than their professors, what it was like to read the play for the first time—carefully considered every pronoun, punctuation mark, and footnote. Our goal: to make a friendly, confidence-building edition that supported classroom activities at the high school and college level.

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    Rebecca Olson, Oregon State University

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