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Introduction to GNU Octave: A brief tutorial for linear algebra and calculus students

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Jason Lachniet, Wytheville Community College

Copyright Year: 2017

Publisher: Jason Lachniet

Language: English

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Reviewed by Jeff Graham, Associate Professor, Susquehanna University on 3/19/20

For an introduction, it has all the things one would need. I expect that once one got the hang of Octave, it would be easy to figure out the things that one might need that are not covered. The index appears to cover all of the major topics. It... read more

Reviewed by Julia Varbolow, Associate Professor, Thomas Nelson Community College on 3/28/19

The text seems to cover all the introductory topics for a new user to GNU Octave. The index and glossary were effective. I believe I could readily use this for a great deal of the computational or graphing my students use in my Introductory... read more

Table of Contents



1 Basic operation

  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 Navigating the GUI
  • 1.3 Matrices and vectors
  • 1.4 Plotting
  • Chapter 1 Exercises

2 Matrices and linear systems

  • 2.1 Linear systems
  • 2.2 Polynomial curve fitting
  • 2.3 Matrix transformations
  • Chapter 2 Exercises

3 Calculus

  • 3.1 Limits, sequences, and series
  • 3.2 Numerical integration
  • 3.3 Parametric, polar, and implicit functions
  • 3.4 Complex variables
  • 3.5 Special functions
  • 3.6 Symbolic operations
  • Chapter 3 Exercises

4 Eigenvalue problems

  • 4.1 Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  • 4.2 Markov chains
  • 4.3 Diagonalization
  • 4.4 Singular value decomposition
  • 4.5 Gram-Schmidt and the QR algorithm
  • Chapter 4 Exercises

5 Additional topics

  • 5.1 Three dimensional graphs
  • 5.2 Multiple integrals
  • 5.3 Vector fields
  • 5.4 Statistics
  • 5.5 Differential equations
  • Chapter 5 Exercises

6 Applied projects

  • 6.1 SVD and digital image compression
  • 6.2 The Gini index and nonlinear curve-fitting
  • 6.3 Designing a helical strake: arc length and curvature
  • 6.4 Modeling a cave passage: cubic spline curves
  • 6.5 Graphs of surfaces and 3D-printing

A MATLAB compatibility

B List of Octave commands



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  • About the Book

    This brief book provides a noncomprehensive introduction to GNU Octave, a free open source alternative to MatLab. The basic syntax and usage is explained through concrete examples from the mathematics courses a math, computer science, or engineering major encounters in the first two years of college: linear algebra, calculus, and differential equations.

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    Jason Lachniet, Wytheville Community College

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