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Python Basics

Publisher: Ocean County College


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Contributors: Ikeda and Baumgardt

Publisher: PALNI

A textbook for first- and second-semester Spanish targeted toward university students in Indiana. This text will center on culture and local Spanish-speaking communities as its focus, using authentic materials, cultural concepts, and real-life conversations with Indiana Spanish speakers to teach students to communicate in Spanish. In addition, we also propose to create a set of complementary activities and resources that can be used to reinforce the concepts outside of class.


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The Bible and Music

Contributor: McGrath

Publisher: PALNI

The textbook seeks to provide a broad overview as well as specific in-depth examples of the reception of the Bible in music, starting with music in the background of the Bible (the Psalms and other similar materials), but focusing thereafter on the setting of biblical texts to music as a form of interpretation thereof, from ancient times down to the present day. Taking fullest possible advantage of the digital format of most open textbooks, this one will embed or link to multimedia materials wherever possible, allowing students to listen and read without having to set aside one to focus on the other.


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An Open Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms

Contributors: Bible and Moser

Publisher: PALNI

This open-access data structures and algorithms in computer science textbook, written for undergraduates, serves as a gentle introduction to theoretical concepts while providing coverage of practical implementation (coding) issues.


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Linear Transformations on Vector Spaces

Contributors: Kaschner and Russell

Publisher: PALNI

Linear Transformations on Vector Spaces will serve primarily as a textbook for undergraduate Linear Algebra courses. Approximately three quarters of it is already roughly written, and the authors have used it in their own classes. While standard Linear Algebra books focus on solving systems of linear equations and associated procedural skills, our book begins by developing a conceptual framework for the topic using central objects of the topic, linear transformations and vector spaces. It covers the same concepts, skills, and applications as conventional texts in a one-semester course, but students walk away with a much richer and more useful mastery of the topics. The book is structured to facilitate the implementation of the flipped classroom. The text focuses on narrative and fitting concepts together into a big picture and is written to help students develop their textbook reading skills. Also, there are “Explorations” scattered throughout each section. These are quick first examples intended for students to complete while reading before class meetings. Each section concludes with a worksheet that can be used for class meetings or extra practice.


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Team Based Statistics

Copyright Year: 2022

Contributor: Chih

Publisher: TRAILS

License: CC BY-SA

The material in this book is designed to answer the following big questions and develop the following skills.


Read more about Introduction to Apparel Production

Introduction to Apparel Production

Publisher: University of Arkansas

Concepts and techniques of beginning apparel production


Read more about Fish, Fishing, and Conservation

Fish, Fishing, and Conservation

Copyright Year: 2023

Contributor: Orth

Publisher: Virginia Tech Publishing

License: CC BY

People, places, and approaches to fishing are as varied as the diverse fish fauna that exist on the planet. As conservation planners recognize the value of substantial engagement of stakeholders in decision making and ineffectiveness of rigid top-down management approaches, Fish, Fishing, and Conservation asserts that all peoples must play a role in conservation. Through case studies, engaging narrative and graphics, and exercises, this undergraduate-level text explores major motivations for fishing and non-fishing related values, responsible fisheries practices, the rights of all people to decide how to manage and conserve fish, their habitats, and how they are utilized in the context of overfishing as a pressing global problem for which appropriate solutions are not easily found nor implemented.


Read more about US History II

US History II

Contributor: Allosso

Publisher: Bemidji State University

Survey textbook for US History II (Reconstruction to present).


Read more about Modern World History

Modern World History

Contributors: Allosso and Williford

Publisher: Bemidji State University

A survey textbook for Modern World History, ca. 1300 CE to present.