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In the Community: An Intermediate Integrated Skills Textbook

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Copyright Year: 2016

Publisher: NorQuest College

Language: English

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Reviewed by Haley Winters, ELA Instructor, Linn-Benton Community College on 6/16/20

This book provides activities in all four major skill areas (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing) for each main topic. Each subject area has multiple activities within it and are clear and easy for the instructor to understand. The instructor... read more

Reviewed by Tammy Morris, ELA Civics Coordinator & Instructor, NTCC on 12/2/19

The textbook has complete formats for learning included from the very beginning. Each component has a different learning style connection with clear and concise directions. I found the textbook also had a modern approach to dialog and... read more

Reviewed by Sarah Bauer, ESOL Faculty, Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon on 6/19/18

In the Community is described as an integrated skills textbook for high intermediate learners. The introduction to the book states five objectives, among them “recognize how people interpret spoken and written messages” and “adjust how we speak to... read more

Reviewed by Giuliana Perco, Lecturer and Language Program Coordinator, University of California at Berkeley, Department of Italian Studies on 2/1/18

Funded by the Alberta Open Educational Resources (ABOER) Initiative, _In the Community: An Intermediate Integrated Skills Textbook_ is aimed at “Canadian Language Benchmarks levels 5/6”, targeting therefore students at high-intermediate/advanced... read more

Table of Contents

  • Note to the Learner
  • Book Tour
  • Chapter 1: Reception, Respect, and Relationships
  • Chapter 2: Requests and Responses
  • Chapter 3: Permission, Prohibitions, and Obligations
  • Chapter 4: Apologies and Excuses
  • Chapter 5: Opinions, Clarifying, and Filtering
  • Appendix 1: Answer Keys
  • Appendix 2: Glossary

Ancillary Material

  • NorQuest College
  • About the Book

    With funding from Alberta Open Educational Resources, Bow Valley College and NorQuest College collaborated to create Open Educational Resources (OER) in the form of e-textbooks for English language learners.

    NorQuest College created In the Community: An Intermediate Integrated Skills Textbook. The textbook:

    • helps learners notice, learn, and practice English that will be helpful in your community
    • gives learners practice in the four main language skills–listening, speaking, reading, and writing
    • helps learners learn about intercultural skills
    • helps learners develop some important essential skills
    • can be used as an online textbook with interactive activities or downloaded, printed and used as a regular textbook

    The textbook is aimed at Canadian Language Benchmarks levels 5/6 and has been designed to be facilitated by an instructor.

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