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General Biology I: Survey of Cellular Biology

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Lisa Bartee, Mt Hood Community College

Christine Anderson, Mt Hood Community College

Copyright Year: 2018

ISBN 13: 9781636350431

Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

Language: English

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Reviewed by Lynette Hauser, Professor of Biology, Tidewater Community College on 7/22/22

The text covers the material well and at an introductory level. The text does not include a glossary. There are learning objectives outlined at the start of each chapter as well as interactive practice questions for students to test their... read more

Table of Contents

  • I. 1. Reference Information
  • II. The Process of Science
  • III. Themes and Concepts of Biology
  • IV. Cell Structure and Function
  • V. Membranes and movement of molecules
  • VI. Enzyme-catalyzed reactions
  • VII. How cells obtain energy
  • VIII. Photosynthesis

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  • About the Book

    BI101: Survey of Cellular Biology is intended for one term of the introductory biology course for non-science majors taught at many two- and four-year colleges. The concepts of cellular biology, as they apply to the study of life, are introduced, including parts of a cell, metabolism, and homeostasis.

    This textbook incorporates the mandates found in Vision and Change and focuses on the non-content aspects of biology education that are just as important. Additionally, this book explicitly teaches the general education outcomes that we have identified as important for this class. This textbook pulls together biology content resources that are accessible for our community college non-major biology students, as well as resources to provide them with explicit instruction in the quantitative literacy, communication, and information literacy general education outcomes as they relate to the biology content they are learning.

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    Lisa Bartee, Mt Hood Community College

    Christine Anderson, Mt Hood Community College

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