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Explorations 1: Grammar for the Experienced Beginner

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Susan Caisee

Jennifer Rueda

Kristee Emens-Hesslink

Copyright Year: 2021

ISBN 13: 9781636350769

Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

Language: English

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Reviewed by Jacalyn Swink, Part Time Professor, Buena Vista University on 11/17/21

The text covers the basic reading, writing, speaking, and listening for students learning English. There is not a glossary or index; however, there are only four chapters in this text and each is set up in a similar manner. The text is set up... read more

Reviewed by Shelley-Jo Talvacchia Rowell, Instructor Diagnostic Technician Certification, Cape Cod Community College on 6/8/21

Though this text did not provide an index or glossary, it did cover many aspects (simple past and present tense sentences as well as pronunciation) to provide a good foundation for first time English speakers. read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: BE Verb in the Simple Present
  • Chapter 2: Present Progressive
  • Chapter 3: Simple Present
  • Chapter 4: Simple Present & Present Progressive

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  • About the Book

    Welcome to Explorations 1: Grammar for the Experienced Beginner. This English grammar textbook was designed for a class of Clackamas Community College (CCC) ESOL students who need only a review of the BE verb and are ready to learn the simple present and present progressive tenses. This textbook has four chapters. Each chapter covers a grammatical point/component/element. Chapter 1 is a review of the BE verb. The BE is special and has its own rules (different from other verbs). Chapter 2 is the Present Progressive tense. This is the tense we use when we are talking about things happening now or near now. Chapter 3 is the Simple Present Tense. We use the Simple Present Tense to talk about facts, routines, and habitual activities. Chapter 4 is a comparison of chapter 3 and 4.

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    Susan Caisse

    Jennifer Rueda

    Kristee Emens-Hesslink

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