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Critical Thinking in Academic Research

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Cindy Gruwell, Ferry Pass, Florida

Robin Ewing

Copyright Year: 2022

Publisher: Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Language: English

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Reviewed by Sara Stigberg, Adjunct Reference Librarian, Truman College, City Colleges of Chicago on 3/15/23

Critical Thinking in Academic Research thoroughly covers the basics of academic research for undergraduates, including well-guided deeper dives into relevant areas. The authors root their introduction to academic research principles and practices... read more

Reviewed by Ann Bell-Pfeifer, Program Director/ Instructor, Minnesota State Community and Technical College on 2/15/23

The book has in depth coverage of academic research. A formal glossary and index were not included. read more

Reviewed by Jenny Inker, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University on 8/23/22

This book provides a comprehensive yet easily comprehensible introduction to critical thinking in academic research. The author lays a foundation with an introduction to the concepts of critical thinking and analyzing and making arguments, and... read more

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • I. What is Critical Thinking?
  • II. Barriers to Critical Thinking
  • III. Analyzing Arguments
  • IV. Making an Argument
  • V. Research Questions
  • VI. Sources and Information Needs
  • VII. Types of Sources
  • VIII. Precision Searching
  • IX. Evaluating Sources
  • X. Ethical Use and Citing Sources
  • XI. Copyright Basics
  • Works Cited
  • About the Authors


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  • About the Book

    Critical Thinking in Academic Research will introduce students to the techniques and principles of critical thinking. However, a commitment to lifelong learning is required for critical thinking, it takes more than a single course or reading a book. In order for students to develop their own arguments, they need to find supporting evidence. This text provides guidance on developing research questions and finding resources to answer the questions.

    This textbook is adapted from four sources. Choosing and Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research which addresses information literacy and research-based assignments. In addition three texts: PHI-130 Critical Reasoning, and Critical Thinking: Analysis and Evaluation of Argument – Version 3 provide the foundation for critical thinking in relation to research. The authors thank all for their work and willingness to openly share with other educators.

    Choosing & Using Sources: A guide to academic research by Ohio State University Libraries,  is licensed under CC BY 4.0 Modifications: Text revised for clarity and flow

    Critical Thinking: Analysis and Evaluation of Argument by Martha Bailey, Shirlee Geiger, Hannah Love & Martin Wittenberg licensed under a  CC BY 4.0. Modifications: revised for clarity and flow

    PHI -130 Critical Reasoning by Thomas Edison State College is licensed under CC BY 4.0 Modifications: Revised text for clarity and flow

    About the Contributors


    Cindy Gruwell is an Assistant Librarian/Coordinator of Scholarly Communication at the University of West Florida. She is the library liaison to the department of biology and the College of Health which has extensive nursing programs, public health, health administration, movement, and medical laboratory sciences. In addition to supporting health sciences faculty, she oversees the Argo IRCommons (Institutional Repository) and provides scholarly communication services to faculty across campus. Cindy graduated with her BA (history) and MLS from the University of California, Los Angeles and has a Masters in Education from Bemidji State University. Cindy’s research interests include academic research support, publishing, and teaching.F

    Robin Ewing

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