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Copyright Year: 2015

ISBN 13: 9781946135056

Publisher: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing

Language: English

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Reviewed by April Schofield, Senior Lecturer and Director, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 7/15/22

This is a very comprehensive textbook and includes over 600 pages of content. It includes the necessary components to help students communicate effectively in business environments. read more

Reviewed by Heather Leigh Maher, Adjunct Professor, City Colleges of Chicago on 5/31/22

While the book covers many essential topics in detail, others are less updated than is optimal and yet others are intermingled with other chapter headings, making them harder to find than I am used to in this type of textbook (such as more basic... read more

Reviewed by Jessica Rick, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, University of Southern Indiana on 5/20/22

This book is a comprehensive look at business and professional communication. It covers almost everything I would cover in my business and professional communication class. I really like the chapter on intercultural and international business... read more

Reviewed by Susan Lantz, Teaching Associate Professor, West Virginia University on 4/25/22

The book is comprehensive. It definitely covers the basics. It covers areas of writing that I might not use for more advanced college writers, but would be absolutely vital for beginning college writers. read more

Reviewed by Christina Wooten, Business Technology Faculty, Rogue Community College on 1/3/22

The material covered in the text is comprehensive as expected from a Business Communications text. Basics of Communication, Message, Audience, Writing, Types of Delivery, as well as three sections on different styles of presentation are included.... read more

Reviewed by Steven Bookman, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Pace University on 6/23/21

The text covers all areas in addition to topics (e.g., ) not always covered. However, I wish some topics have more coverage (i.e., business modalities) while others have less. Overall, the this text is good for an introductory business writing... read more

Reviewed by Karen Gaines, Associate Professor, Kansas City Kansas Community College on 5/7/21

The book is pretty thorough with the topics that are covered. In fact, there are topics in the presentation sections that are not normally covered in the business communications textbooks that I currently use. The order in which the subjects are... read more

Reviewed by Terianne Brown, Lecturer, Hawaii Community College on 4/20/21

This is a thorough book but could benefit from certain chapters being expanded and others being condensed. read more

Reviewed by Sharon McDermot, Business Adjunct, Northern Essex Community College on 3/18/21

The book is very comprehensive but I wish there were more coverage of business writing in different modalities. They do touch on texting and email but I think there needs to be more information on those subjects. The book does discuss business... read more

Reviewed by Dee Fretwell, Associate Professor, Southern Oregon University on 1/5/21

The subject is well covered for the introduction to Business Communication, with a gap in addressing very specific etiquette around professional communication via digital formats, such as emails, project management software, etc. until mid-way... read more

Reviewed by Katherine Hatzis, Senior Lecturer II, University of Massachusetts Boston on 6/27/20

The book covers everything that one would want to teach in a business communication course. read more

Reviewed by Kathleen Berry, Adjunct Professor, Massasoit Community College on 6/23/20

The text covers all areas of the subject appropriately. read more

Reviewed by Alison Schirone, Adjunct Faculty, Roxbury Community College on 6/4/20

I used this book for a recently business communications course. Generally speaking, the book had all the requisite basics of business communications. I added a few modules to address today's social mediums in more detail. A great free text,... read more

Reviewed by Adam Falik, Assistant Professor, SUNO on 4/27/20

The greatest asset of this book (and occasionally its weakness) is its attempt to be all encompassing. It definitely seeks comprehensiveness, to introduce a complete spectrum of business communication methodology. This is often effective. The... read more

Reviewed by Megan Fitzmaurice, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington on 4/22/20

This textbook address written, oral, nonverbal and interpersonal communication at large. Many business communication textbooks focus solely on written and oral communication, so including these other dimensions brings an important nuance to this... read more

Reviewed by Amanda Carpenter, Associate Professor, John Tyler Community College on 3/30/20

This text was exceptionally well written and very comprehensive. The author was very eloquent in the way that they explained the content. The text covered critical topics for business communication. The book includes learning resources and... read more

Reviewed by Miriam Gershow, Senior Instructor II, University of Oregon on 6/6/19

Covers a broad array of business communication topics, from foundations of language, audience and rhetoric to common types of written and verbal business communications. read more

Reviewed by Shawn Gilmore, Senior Lecturer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on 5/14/19

The text descriptively covers nearly all the requisite topics and subtopics under the banner "business communication," as well as a number of related rhetorical and conceptual approaches that are fairly typical in the field. The text is divided... read more

Reviewed by Bonnie Buchanan, Associate Professor, OhioLink on 3/28/19

From A to Z, the main communication topics and concepts are covered in this text. From the basics of the communications model to group work effectiveness, this book has the components to teach students important skills they will need in the... read more

Reviewed by Cara Chang, Instructor, Leeward Community College on 2/10/19

This textbook was comprehensive in the sense that it covers broad concepts in communication and then narrows down specifically to business writing and oral communication. This semester, when I used part of this textbook for my business writing... read more

Reviewed by Kara Wicklund, Instructor, Lead Instructional Designer, Bethel University on 11/13/18

This book covers almost of all the topics I need to cover in my Business Communication course. The index is clear and easy to navigate, and the chapters are clearly labeled. read more

Reviewed by George Boone, Visiting Assistant Professor, Augustana College on 11/13/18

Overall, the book covers a wide range of topics. However, it offers breadth over depth, which is fine for an introductory business communication course. It lacks an index section, however, so unless your students know how to search a PDF for... read more

Reviewed by Jason Harper, Senior Lecturer and International Coordinator, Fort Hays State University on 11/12/18

The contents do offer instructors a comprehensive list of key writing areas that should be covered in a college writing class. For example, it includes topics like writing styles, active reading, writing a summary, and assessing writing... read more

Reviewed by Margarette Connor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Lehman College/CUNY on 6/19/18

This text covers all the areas I would want to cover in my 300-level business writing class, including non-verbal communications and international communications, two topics I find are often underrepresented in many texts. Very clear and... read more

Reviewed by Shannon Breske, Assistant Teaching Professor, University of Missouri on 6/19/18

Business Communication for Success provides an overview of the main areas of communication and highlights additional resources at the end of each chapter. When reviewing other texts, this text is consistent with topic areas covered. The text is... read more

Reviewed by Alicia Edwards, Adjunct Professor, Business Management, Marketing and Communications, Northern Virginia Community College, Annadale Campus on 6/20/17

I was definitely impressed with the comprehensiveness Business Communication for Success. For every concept of the author introduced, he gave context, the why and if needed consequences if the conventions are not heeded. While there is not a... read more

Reviewed by Brandi Quesenberry, Advanced Instructor, Virginia Tech on 6/20/17

Solid overview of foundations of business communication. I would prefer a more advanced textbook but this text works well for a lower level or introductory course. Broad overview of both written and oral communication considerations and best... read more

Reviewed by Catherine Wright, Associate Professor, George Mason University on 6/20/17

It covers too many areas, would need to be "chunked" into smaller clusters. It tries to do too much for one text. read more

Reviewed by Rathin Basu, Professor, Ferrum College on 2/8/17

The text is quite comprehensive in its coverage of the key (and standard) topics and compares favorably with the very well known and widely used conventional text that I have been using in my Business Communications class, as well as others that I... read more

Reviewed by Carrie Gay, Adjunct Professor, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Richmond, VA on 2/8/17

This book is very comprehensive. Contains an vast array of business communication principles applicable to today's business environment. However, there is no index or glossary which makes the book somewhat ineffective for quick reference points. read more

Reviewed by Bonnie Yarbrough, Lecturer, University of North Carolina at Greensboro on 12/5/16

This text covers all areas of the subject appropriately and provides a good Table of Contents. At roughly 600 pages, coverage of the subject matter is extensive. There is no glossary, however, and the index is less comprehensive than I would have... read more

Reviewed by Joy Koesten, Lecturer, University of Kansas on 8/21/16

This textbook is very comprehensive, both in breath and depth. I would have like more information regarding how to facilitate a meeting, ethical communication, and organizational culture. The topics were well selected, though formal speaking... read more

Reviewed by Sally Stanton, Senior Lecturer, UW-Milwaukee on 8/21/16

Comparable to most business communication texts available commercially. Coverage seems to be missing of social media as business communication (mentioned as a communication channel but not otherwise addressed specifically) and of how to... read more

Reviewed by Eric Dodson, Instructor of ESOL, Portland State University on 1/7/16

This book includes a review of sentence grammar, paragraph structure, process writing, rhetorical styles, principles of judging sources, and business genre forms. The grammar sections provide a backbone; generally good examples provided. The... read more

Reviewed by Judy Boozer, Business Faculty/AOP Program Lead, Lane Communicty College on 1/7/16

The book is comprehensive in regards to business communication, but it lacks a table of contents, index, or glossary for ease in finding the concepts presented in it. read more

Reviewed by Carolina Selva, Adjunct Faculty, BA and MSD, Portland Community College on 1/7/16

Extremely comprehensive. Covers all critical areas of business communication including electronic messages, team communication, presentation skills, and even "language." Learning resources such as exercises and activities are included - many of... read more

Reviewed by Gail Emily Fey, Ph.D., Lecturer, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona on 6/10/15

At nearly 800 pages, the text is immensely comprehensive. It includes both pre- and post-lesson exercises. Some of the exercises seem a bit “silly”; and the author seems to prefer “fives and sixes” for just about every exercise. Still, because... read more

Reviewed by Brandy A. Brown, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona on 6/10/15

I integrated this book as a supplement in a Psychology of Leadership course. Communication is such an essential leadership skill and myself and a fellow Associate Professor teaching this course found that student's skills in that area were... read more

Reviewed by Daniel Emery, Associate Professor of Business Communication, University of Oklahoma on 1/12/15

The book is exceptionally comprehensive, comparable to other large omnibus collections for business communication. The book would be suitable for business communication courses or business and professional speaking. It's arrangement and scope of... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Effective Business Communication
  • Chapter 2: Delivering Your Message
  • Chapter 3: Understanding Your Audience
  • Chapter 4: Effective Business Writing
  • Chapter 5: Writing Preparation
  • Chapter 6: Writing
  • Chapter 7: Revising and Presenting Your Writing
  • Chapter 8: Feedback in the Writing Process
  • Chapter 9: Business Writing in Action
  • Chapter 10: Developing Business Presentations
  • Chapter 11: Nonverbal Delivery
  • Chapter 12: Organization and Outlines
  • Chapter 13: Presentations to Inform
  • Chapter 14: Presentations to Persuade
  • Chapter 15: Business Presentations in Action
  • Chapter 16: Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Business Communication
  • Chapter 17: Negative News and Crisis Communication
  • Chapter 18: Intercultural and International Business Communication
  • Chapter 19: Group Communication, Teamwork, and Leadership

Ancillary Material

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  • About the Book

    Business Communication for Success (BCS) provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to the study and application of written and oral business communication to serve both student and professor.

    This series features chapters with the following elements:

    • Learning Objectives
    • Introductory Exercises
    • Clear expectations, relevant background, and important theories
    • Practical, real-world examples
    • Key Takeaways or quick internal summaries
    • Key terms that are easily identified
    • In-chapter assignments
    • Postchapter assessments linked to objectives and skills acquisition

    Each chapter is self-contained, allowing for mix-and-match flexibility and custom or course-specific design. Each chapter focuses on clear objectives and skill demonstrations that can be easily linked to your syllabus and state or federal requirements. Supported by internal and external assessments, each chapter features time-saving and learning-enhancement support for instructors and students.

    BCS is designed to help students identify important information, reinforce for retention, and demonstrate mastery with a clear outcome product.

    The text has three content categories:

    1. Foundations
    2. Process and products
    3. Contexts

    The first three chapters form the core foundation for the study of oral and written business communication. The next sequence of chapters focus on the process of writing, then oral performance with an emphasis on results. The final sequence focuses on contexts where business communication occurs, from interpersonal to intercultural, from groups to leadership.

    In each of the process and product chapter sequences, the chapters follow a natural flow, from prewriting to revision, from preparation for a presentation to performance. Each sequence comes together in a concluding chapter that focuses on action—where we apply the skills and techniques of written or oral communication in business, from writing a letter to presenting a sales speech. These performances not only serve to reinforce real-world applications but also may serve as course assessments.

    This text has been used in classes at: Ohio University, Miami University – Oxford, Kent State University – Salem Campus, Cuyahoga Community College – West, University of Toledo, Cuyahoga Community College – District, Northern Arizona University, Gateway Community College, University of Arizona, Arizona Western College, Boise State University,Western Governors University, Doane College, Mcpherson College, University of Nebraska Med Center, Suny Fredonia, State University of New York Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome, Trinidad State Junior College, University of Delaware, Brenau University, Brewton-Parker College, Loras College, Kapiolani Community College, Muscatine Community College, Greenville College, University of Illinois – Chicago, Millikin University, Rockland Community College, Cornell University, National-Louis University – Lisle, St. Gregory's University, University of Southern Indiana, Missouri State University – W Plains, Bucks County Community College – Newton, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Pulaski Technical College, Temple University, Dixie State College of Utah, Averett University, Virginia Polytech Institute, Fond Du Lac Tribal Community College, Lipscomb University, Edgewood College, University of Wisconsin – Stout, Wisconsin Lutheran College, Virginia State University, North Georgia Technical College – Blairsville, Paradise Valley Community College, Fordham University – Lincoln Center, New England College of Business/Finance, Eastern New Mexico University, University of Alabama, Albertus Magnus College, Pepperdine University, Fullerton College, Santa Ana College, Miracosta College – Oceanside, San Jose State University, De Anza College, University of The Southwest, Florida Institute of Technology, Forida State University, Dean College, California State University, University of Massachusetts, Suffolk University, Stevenson University, Worcester State College, University of Maryland, Clover Park Technical College, Minnesota State University – Moorhead, College of St. Scholastica, Ferris State University, Concordia University, Southern New Hampshire University, Lower Columbia College, University of North Carolina – Greensboro, Rockingham Community College, Stanly Community College, Wayland Baptist University, Bunker Hill Community College, Salve Regina University, University of The Incarnate Word, St. Mary's University, University of Rhode Island, Texarkana College, Renton Technical College, Tarleton State University, Wayland Baptist University – Plainview, University of Houston, Stephen F. Austin State University, Bates Technical College, Chabot College, Bakersfield College, Azusa Pacific University, University of Houston – Downtown, California Southern University, Miracosta College, American Public University, American Public University System, Huntington Junior College, Flat World Knowledge University, Jackson Senior High School, Holmes High School, Dlielc, Clintondale High School, American University in Kosovo in Conjunction with Rochester Institute of Technology, Southeast Lauderdale High School, Benedict Business Hotel Management School, University of the People, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, New England School of English, Comsats Institute of Information Technology, Wayland Baptist University – Anchorage, Volcano Vista High School, Wayland Baptist University – San Antonio, Morrill High School, North Island College – B Campus, Seneca College, APOU, University of North Carolina – Greensboro, Southern New Hampshire University, University of Maryland University College, Harrisburg High School


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