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Advanced Community College ESL Composition: An Integrated Skills Approach

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Edgar Perez

Sara Behseta, East Los Angeles College

Jenell Rae

Copyright Year: 2020

Publisher: Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

Language: English

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Reviewed by Lynn Fitzgerald, Adjunct Professor, City Colleges of Chicago on 5/30/22

The text attempts to cover too much material for advanced ESL learners. Many of the topics, such as the rhetorical triangle, literary criticism, MLA conventions, and research are topic touched on in a Composition 101 class and then elaborated upon... read more

Reviewed by Davina Ramirez, Insstructor, Portland Community College on 1/3/22

This textbook is quite comprehensive in terms of topics, covering everything from thesis statements to database use and literary analysis. Each topic is introduced and explained; many have brief associated exercises. However, the breadth of topics... read more

Reviewed by Kalehua Kamakawiwoole, ESL Instructor, Honolulu Community College on 4/23/21

This text is very comprehensive. I will definitely consider adapting this text for the ESL 100, the freshman writing course especially designed for ESL students. In addition to the informational sections on the Writing Process and academic... read more

Reviewed by Ardella Montgomery, Adjunct Professor, English Department, Middlesex Community College on 4/14/21

This text is, in many ways, highly comprehensive, so much so, that in the community college where I teach, the material could be used in a number of different courses: Composition 101, Composition 102 (where the emphasis is on research), and,... read more

Reviewed by Stephanie Marcotte, Adjunct Professor of Academic ESL, Northern Essex Community College on 3/7/21

This OER textbook provides clear organization. The table of contents is helpful; it carefully breaks down the materials into logical chunks that are helpful to both the students and the instructor. The material included is scaffolded logically and... read more

Reviewed by Michelle Mitchell, Adjunct Professor, Rogue Community College on 1/8/21

This text is designed to cover basic academic writing and does so by approaching the types of writing that will be expected of a college student. Although, the introduction states that the book is for ESL students, the book includes basics that... read more

Table of Contents

  • I. The Writing Process
  • II. Sentence Structure
  • III. Literary Analysis
  • IV. Critical Thinking and Reading

Ancillary Material

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  • About the Book

    This book has been created to provide a framework for building your skills in writing and critical thinking. It provides access to published samples from professional authors along with essay drafts from ESL students who have polished their skills in their respective writing courses.

    The themes in the readings will give you a variety of topics to discuss with your classmates, which may inspire your own deeper thinking and writing. Overall, we hope that as you proceed through these chapters, you will build confidence and develop your voice in the classroom and beyond.

    Welcome to the world of academic writing!

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