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A Christmas Carol

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Timothy Krause, Portland Community College

Copyright Year: 2020

ISBN 13: 9781636350103

Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

Language: English

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Reviewed by Nicole Lobdell, Assistant Professor of English, DePauw University on 6/22/22

The book provides clear textual notes that help students comprehend what they're reading, as well as discussion prompts and activities. I would have liked to see more development of the prompts and activities that deepened student engagement with... read more

Reviewed by Chelsey Decker, MBA Director/ Courtesy Professor, Pittsburg State University on 4/22/22

The text was very easy to follow and provided an effective glossary. read more

Reviewed by Pamela Herring, Lecturer III, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 12/16/21

A Christmas Carol is a classic favorite. Younger readers might miss some of the text in its original format and language because they find it too formal. Timothy Krause is able to bring the complete text to life for these and all readers with out... read more

Reviewed by Renee Kelly Walsh, Instructor, Virginia Tech on 12/10/21

The text accurately covers all subject matter and provides clear concise directions for the reflections as well as a table of contents. read more

Reviewed by Kathryn Webb, Director of Nursing Simulation, Associate Professor, University of Saint Francis on 11/23/21

Timothy Krause has taken this Dickens classic and made it a modern day text that allows students to succinctly become immersed in the story. The Stop and Check boxes, Discussion boxes, end of section Analysis assignments allow for both... read more

Table of Contents

  • I.
    • Marley's Ghost
    • Analyze What You Read
    • Interpret What You Read - Scene 1
    • Interpret What You Read - Scene 2
    • Interpret What You Read - Scene 3
  • II.
    • The First of the Three Spirits
    • Analyze What You Read
    • Connect to What You Read
  • III.
    • The Second of the Three Spirits
    • Analyze What You Read
    • Compare And Contrast What You Read
  • IV.
    • The Last of the Three Spirits
    • Analyze What You Read
    • Share What You Read

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  • About the Book

    This version of the classic holiday story has been slightly abridged and lightly adapted for advanced students of English language. The text includes comprehension checks, discussion questions, and collaborative activities. 

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    Timothy Krause, Portland Community College

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