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Spunti: Italiano intermedio

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Daniela Viale, Muhlenberg College

Copyright Year: 2019

Publisher: Muhlenberg College

Language: English

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Reviewed by Claudia Ventura, Senior Instructor II, University of Oregon on 6/7/21

The text has an index and not a glossary. Also the topics are divided in two modules: (1) Lezioni di lingua per intermedio I, and (2) Lezioni di lingua per intermedio II. The second module si not comprehensive as the first one and misses many... read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Lezioni di lingua per intermedio I
  • II. Lezioni di lingua per intermedio II

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  • About the Book

    Welcome to Spunti: italiano intermedio – a unique program, authored by the Italian faculty of Muhlenberg College, that takes the place of a traditional language textbook. Spunti is a fully designed course that a college instructor of Italian can use and adapt.

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    Daniela Viale, Muhlenberg College

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