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Spunti: Italiano elementare 1

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Daniel Leisawitz, Muhlenberg College

Daniela Viale, Muhlenberg College

Copyright Year: 2019

Publisher: Muhlenberg College

Language: English

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Reviewed by Anna Rein, Lecturer III, University of Southern Maine on 3/7/21

This book is basically a reference for a beginning level grammar structures, it cannot replace a traditional manual. It does not provide essential elements, such as: a context that contains the structures and vocabulary considered in the chapters;... read more

Reviewed by Daria Bozzato, Visiting Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College on 4/21/20

"Spunti" is not a textbook, but an Elementary I Italian program developed at Muhlenberg College in order to reduce the cost of more traditional language textbooks. It primarily contains grammar explanations, along with pictures and semi-authentic... read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Unità 1
  • II. Unità 2
  • III. Unità 3
  • IV. Unità 4
  • V. Unità 5
  • VI. Unità 6

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  • About the Book

    Spunti: Italiano elementare 1 is a unique program for Italian language learning, authored by the Italian faculty of Muhlenberg College (Pennsylvania, USA). Spunti 1 provides fully elaborated course materials for first-semester Italian that college instructors can use and adapt, or students can use on their own. Spunti 1 consists of: 1) an online Pressbook with grammar explanations, cultural material, vocabulary, videos, and self-correcting interactive exercises; 2) printable packets of in-class activities; and 3) complete lesson plans for one semester. Users are free to use Spunti 1 in whole or in part, and are free to adapt it to their needs. Spunti: Italiano elementare 2 and Spunti: Italiano intermedio are the companion texts for second-, third- and fourth-semester Italian, and are still under development.

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    Daniel Leisawitz, Muhlenberg College

    Daniela Viale, Muhlenberg College

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