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The American Yawp Vol. II: Since 1877

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Joseph L. Locke, University of Houston-Victoria

Ben Wright, University of Texas at Dallas

Copyright Year: 2019

ISBN 13: 9781503608146

Publisher: Stanford University Press

Language: English

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Reviewed by Michael Ridge, Lecturer, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 11/19/21

The text covers all the conventional areas and ideas for the second half of the American History II course. There is, however, no index or glossary. I have in the past directed students to the index of my assigned textbooks, so its absence could... read more

Reviewed by Francesca Morgan, Associate Professor, Northeastern Illinois University on 5/5/21

I did not find an index or glossary. Neither was needed. But I found punctilious citations and helpful lists for further reading, for each chapter. Yes, the coverage in each chapter was comprehensive and had plenty of newer subject matter and... read more

Reviewed by Mark Benbow, Associate professor, Marymount University on 2/25/21

The American Yalp is thorough in most respects, although it is often a bit weak on people of color. read more

Reviewed by Robert Harrison, Instructor of History, Linn-Benton Community College on 7/16/20

This book presents a fairly traditional survey of American history since the 1870s, with coverage of every major economic, political, military, and social movement. However, more emphasis is given to economic history than is necessary, and too... read more

Reviewed by Erin Redihan, Visiting Lecturer, Worcester State University on 6/2/20

Overall, I think this is a very useful textbook for a survey course. The level of detail is quite strong throughout the book, though it skews a bit towards the pre-World War II era. Coverage of the Great Depression (particularly how it occurred)... read more

Reviewed by Amanda Beyer-Purvis, Affiliate Faculty, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 2/13/20

The American Yawp, Vol II covers a vast amount of ground in a length that is digestible and readable for introductory course audiences. It strikes a good balance between overarching themes and detailed and direct historical moments that bring the... read more

Reviewed by Geoffrey Pollick, Assistant Professor, Radford University on 1/31/20

As an historical survey authored by a large body of contributors, this second volume of _The American Yawp_ applies a wide perspective to the chronology it addresses. As observed by reviewers of Volume I, the text’s polyvocal authorship aids the... read more

Reviewed by Jason Sampson, Professor, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College on 1/6/20

Volume II of The American Yawp is a comprehensive survey of the second half of the American History series. It is organized both chronologically and thematically and in easily digestible format, though the focus on chronology leads to some themes... read more

Table of Contents

  • 16.Capital and Labor
  • 17.Conquering the West
  • 18.Life in Industrial America
  • 19.American Empire
  • 20.The Progressive Era
  • 21.World War I and Its Aftermath
  • 22.The New Era
  • 23.The Great Depression
  • 24.World War II
  • 25.The Cold War
  • 26.The Affluent Society
  • 27.The Sixties
  • 28.The Unraveling
  • 29.The Triumph of the Right
  • 30.The Recent Past

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    In an increasingly digital world in which pedagogical trends are de-emphasizing rote learning and professors are increasingly turning toward active-learning exercises, scholars are fleeing traditional textbooks. Yet for those that still yearn for the safe tether of a synthetic text, as either narrative backbone or occasional reference material, The American Yawp offers a free and online, collaboratively built, open American history textbook designed for college-level history courses. Unchecked by profit motives or business models, and free from for-profit educational organizations, The American Yawp is by scholars, for scholars. All contributors—experienced college-level instructors—volunteer their expertise to help democratize the American past for twenty-first century classrooms.

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    Joseph L. Locke

    Ben Wright

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