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Phylogenetic Comparative Methods

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Luke J. Harmon

Copyright Year: 2019

ISBN 13: 9781719584463

Publisher: Luke J. Harmon

Language: English

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Reviewed by Glene Mynhardt, Associate Professor, Hanover College on 12/18/19

The text does a very nice job of guiding the reader from simpler to more complex analytical tools used in the field of comparative phylogenetic methods. While keeping with complex models and statistical methods, the text nicely captures the range... read more

Reviewed by Erin Tripp, Assistant Professor (EBIO) & Curator (Museum of Natural History), CU Boulder on 7/1/19

This wonderful and timely text is extremely comprehensive, at least at the macroevolutionary scale (less attention given to population-level processes even though some of these overlap with research inquiry at the macroevolutionary level, such as... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - A Macroevolutionary Research Program
  • Chapter 2 - Fitting Statistical Models to Data
  • Chapter 3 - Introduction to Brownian Motion
  • Chapter 4 - Fitting Brownian Motion
  • Chapter 5 - Multivariate Brownian Motion
  • Chapter 6 - Beyond Brownian Motion
  • Chapter 7 - Models of discrete character evolution
  • Chapter 8 - Fitting models of discrete character evolution
  • Chapter 9 - Beyond the Mk model
  • Chapter 10 - Introduction to birth-death models
  • Chapter 11 - Fitting birth-death models
  • Chapter 12 - Beyond birth-death models
  • Chapter 13 - Characters and diversification rates
  • Chapter 14 - Summary

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