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No Limits

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University of Texas at Arlington

Copyright Year: 2018

Publisher: Mavs Open Press

Language: English

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Reviewed by Brenda Williams, Part-time Faculty, Lane Community College on 9/6/22

This book covers a good first term view for students. It gives students an idea of things they need to think about - advising, time, financial , self care, and using their resources. read more

Reviewed by Rebecca Steen, Academic Advisor II/Adjunct Faculty, Rogue Community College on 1/2/22

“No Limits” is an OER that covers student success and first year experience for both freshman and transfer students. I found the text to be comprehensive and covered several important subjects that would be relevant for courses such as 'College... read more

Reviewed by Kaitlyn B, Faculty, New Student Experience, Valencia College on 6/1/20, updated 6/3/20

No Limits, is comprehensive to the subject matters pertaining to the topic. Chapters 4 – 9 certainly embody the student experience. This Open Source Textbook has great visuals, activity and personality tests along the way. The text is set up in an... read more

Reviewed by Marva solomon, Instructor/ Counselor, Lane Community College on 1/5/20

This textbook titled 'No Limits' is very comprehensive. Chapters 3-10 provides much valuable and easy to read information. The chapters are relatively easy to navigate. The chapters on Time management, Self- and Career Exploration,financial... read more

Reviewed by Jennifer Seely, Associate Professor, Earlham College on 6/18/19

This text provides essential and useful information for first-year students coming to UT Arlington. Some sections very complete with background research, rubrics for understanding, and worksheets for students to fill out. All headings are listed... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Welcome to UT Arlington
  • Chapter 2: About a University
  • Chapter 3: Campus Life - The value Added from Involvement
  • Chapter 4: Foundations of Academic Self-Management
  • Chapter 5: Self-Directed and Active Learning
  • Chapter 6: Avoiding the Hazards Along the Way
  • Chapter 7: Healthy Living
  • Chapter 8: Self- and Career Exploration
  • Chapter 9: Financial Self-Management
  • Chapter 10: Campus Resources

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  • About the Book

    Student Success and First Year Experience are learning community courses at UTA that teach new students academic success skills to aid their transition to college. The goal of the courses is to help students identify their individual needs, determine what resources are appropriate, recognize the faculty role in their development, and formulate a plan for an actively engaged and enriched experience from campus to career. The courses will be taught by Peer Academic Leaders (PALs) and faculty, staff and/or graduate students to provide guidance, raise awareness and understanding of students' majors and help support collaborative and co-curricular opportunities available within the School/College. This open educational resource is the required textbook for both courses.

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