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Introduction to Design Equity

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Kristine Miller

Copyright Year: 2018

ISBN 13: 9781946135506

Publisher: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing

Language: English

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Reviewed by Alan Gordon, Instructor, Worcester State University on 6/16/20

The book is wide-ranging and comprehensive covering a wide-range of categories of design equity issue areas including health, transportation and information equity challenges, as well as discipline-specific design equity challenges (i.e. within... read more

Reviewed by David Middleton, Master Faculty Specialist of Product Design, Western Michigan University, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences on 1/31/20

If introductory them maybe it should not be comprehensive. I was not reading for comprehensiveness. When searching for an open text on basic design I discovered this book. I teach a basic product design class. I include Design Thinking as one of... read more

Reviewed by Margaret Lockwood-Lass, Adjunct Instructor, Bowling Green State University on 1/17/20

“Introduction to Design Equity” covers all areas and ideas of the subject appropriately, but relies on footnotes instead of an index and/or glossary. As a 61-page book, this is acceptable. The footnotes include sources, as well as suggested... read more

Reviewed by Mara Pierce, Assistant Professor of Art Education, Montana State University - Billings on 1/15/20

I feel the title could lead to misunderstanding. For example, design is a broad field that encompasses from print media to public spaces to interior design. Perhaps a subtitle to identify the types of design covered would be helpful. Excellent... read more

Reviewed by Aidyn Hillyard, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Minnesota State (Hennepin Technical College) on 6/3/19

The text addresses a variety of areas of the subject, but would be stronger with more embedded sources from affected communities/populations. There is not a glossary. read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Learning to Talk about Racism
  • Chapter 3: Why History Matters to Design Equity
  • Chapter 4: Health Equity and the Built Environment
  • Chapter 5: Transportation Equity
  • Chapter 6: Information Equity
  • Chapter 7: What is Design Thinking and What does it have to do with Equity?
  • Chapter 8: Discipline-Specific Professional Design Processes and Equity

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  • About the Book

    Why do affluent, liberal, and design-rich cities like Minneapolis have some of the biggest racial disparities in the country? How can designers help to create more equitable communities? Introduction to Design Equity, an open access book for students and professionals, maps design processes and products against equity research to highlight the pitfalls and potentials of design as a tool for building social justice.

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