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Manufacturing Processes 4-5

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LamNgeun Virasak

Copyright Year: 2019

Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

Language: English

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Reviewed by David Klein, Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 3/1/23

This book is about machining processes and fabrication, which are components of manufacturing but incomplete if you are looking for a more comprehensive overview. Modern manufacturing methods include thermoplastic injection molding, sheet metal... read more

Reviewed by Kehinde Ikuomenisan, Instructor/Program Coordinator - CAD, and Engineering Technology, North Shore Community College on 6/6/21

The book provides a concise overview of each area of the manufacturing process. The contents are detailed summarized in the manner in which the learning objectives necessary for each manufacturing process are fully covered read more

Reviewed by Shalimar Steinberg, Adjunct Faculty-Drafting, Open Oregon Educational Resources on 4/18/19

This text does a good job of covering the details, safety, theory, and practical application of machining with a specific set of manufacturing tools. It explains detailed information while using appropriate examples and simple language that can be... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Milling Machines
  • Chapter 2: Lathe Machines
  • Chapter 3: Drill Presses
  • Chapter 4: Bandsaws
  • Chapter 5: Surface Grinders
  • Chapter 6: Heat Treating
  • Chapter 7: Lean Manufacturing
  • Chapter 8: CNC

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  • About the Book

    This textbook provides an introduction to the important area of manufacturing processes. This text will explain the hows, whys, and whens of various machining operations, set-ups, and procedures. Throughout this text, you will learn how machine tools operate, and when to use one particular machine instead of another. It is organized for students who plan to enter the manufacturing technology field and for those who wish to develop the skills, techniques, and knowledge essential for advancement in this occupational cluster. The organization and contents of this text focus primarily on theory and practice. The machining processes and technology sections in this textbook cover such machine tools as surface grinders, bandsaws, drill presses, milling machines, and the engine lathe. Additionally, the importance of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) in the operation of the most machine tools is explained, and its role in automated manufacturing is explored thoroughly.

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