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Betsy Arnold

Rose Potter

Copyright Year: 2017

ISBN 13: 9781937963101

Publisher: COERLL

Language: Spanish

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Reviewed by Alejandra Rodríguez, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Hanover College on 1/5/21

Recorridos afronta la tarea de ofrecer El Quijote de manera abreviada y, sin embargo, atractiva para los estudiantes de AP Spanish. En este sentido, con buen criterio, hace una selección de capítulos que darán al alumno la visión general necesaria... read more

Reviewed by MARIA INES Canto , Assistant Professor, Colorado State University on 12/25/19

Recorridos es un texto diseñado para los estudiantes del español como segunda lengua de nivel avanzado. Específicamente, se trata de una selección y resumen de los capítulos más representativos de la primera novela en español, El ingenioso hidalgo... read more

Reviewed by Carmen Fernandez Florez, Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University on 12/3/19

This textbook breaks down in a very comprehensible and engaging manner one of the most important works in Spanish literature. The authors give enough context for students of Spanish as a second language to be able to understand a reading that... read more

Table of Contents

Reading and Writing StrategiesUna obra inolvidableEl ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha, introducción y análisis

Capítulo I

  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? A
  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? B
  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? C
  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? D
  • Conecta con la lectura 1/Comprensión escrito u oral 1

Capítulo II

  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? A
  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? B
  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? C
  • Conecta con la lectura/Comprensión escrito u oral 2

Capítulo 3

  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? A
  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? B
  • Conecta con la lectura/Comprensión escrito u oral 3

Capítulo 4

  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? A
  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? B
  • Conecta con la lectura/Comprensión escrito u oral 4

Capítulo 5

  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? A
  • Conecta con la lectura/Comprensión escrito u oral 5

Capítulo 6—7 Resumen

  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste?

Capítulo 8

  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? A
  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? B/Comprensión escrito u oral 8
  • Conecta con la lectura
  • Exploremos Sanchificación y Quijotización: Capítulo 10
  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? A/Comprensión escrito u oral 10

Capítulo 17

  • ¿Comprendiste lo que leíste? A/Comprensión escrito u oral 17
  • Conecta con la lectura 10 & 17

Capítulo 7

Ancillary Material

  • About the Book

    The language of the Siglo de Oro can be an insurmountable barrier for many readers. This textbook provides historical information, narrative techniques, lists of characters, themes and key words before they begin to read each chapter of Don Quixote. While reading, vocabulary glossed in comprehensible Spanish appears in the margin opposite challenging words. Cultural references and proverbs from the work facilitate a deeper understanding. Each chapter contains checks for understanding and ends with activities to build vocabulary. It includes required chapters 1-8, 10, 17 and 74 for AP classrooms.

    About the Contributors


    Daughter of an international businessman, Betsy grew up immersed in South American language and culture. Inspired, she majored in Spanish at Miami of Ohio, then earned her Master’s in Spanish literature at Kent State. Betsy has been a master AP teacher and has also taught at the college level. Through her teaching years, she continued to expand and refine her skills with summer study abroad experiences with her students. Her frequent summers in Santander, Spain resulted in a summer teaching job at the University of Cantabria. Recognized as an outstanding teacher by her district, students that admired her commitment, expertise, and dedication to their growth packed Betsy’s classes. Active in the world language community, Betsy has served as president of Houston Area Teachers of Foreign Language Teachers and as Team Leader for other Spanish teachers in the schools where she taught.

    A life-long student of world languages with a master’s degree in Spanish Literature, Rose has taught all levels of instruction, PreK-16. She served as an AP Spanish teacher, department chair and district foreign language coordinator for Eanes ISD in Austin, Texas. She founded a business to organize college credit study abroad programs for high school students that continues today, SPI Abroad. As a member of Project ExCELL team, she helped write the Texas Foreign Language Standards. Since 2004, Rose has mentored pre-service teachers for the UTeach-Liberal Arts program at the University of Texas at Austin, first as a University Observer and, presently, as an Assistant Clinical Professor. A dynamic presenter, she trains teachers nationally and internationally. The Recorridos project ignites one of her greatest passions, facilitating the student-centered instruction of challenging material.

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