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Botany in Hawaiʻi

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Daniela Dutra Elliott, Leeward Community College

Paula Mejia Velasquez, Leeward Community College

Publisher: Leeward Community College

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • 1: Introduction To Plants
  • 2: Roots
  • 3: Stems
  • 4: Leaves
  • 5: Flowers, fruits and seeds
  • 6: Plant evolution and non-vascular plants
  • 7: Ferns and lycophytes
  • 8: Gymnosperms
  • 9: Angiosperms
  • 10: Plants in Hawai‘i

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  • About the Book

    "Botany in Hawai‘i" discusses introductory topics of Botany through examples of the native and introduced plants found in Hawai‘i. It includes anatomy and physiology of seeds, roots, leaves, stems, fruits and flowers and covers the main plant groups from nonvascular to flowering plants. This book provides a visual reference to botanical concepts and terminology for beginners.

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    Paula Mejia Velasquez

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