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Recipe Development and Modification: Textbook and Lab Manual

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Estimated Publication: January 2022

Publisher: University of Arkansas

Language: English

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    This resource is being created to support an upper-division nutrition course. Course Description: Students will use existing research to identify foods with preventative and functional properties and apply that information to develop and modify recipes for improved nutritional quality and disease management. Learning Outcomes: Students who successfully complete the requirements for this course (lecture and lab) will be able to: • Compare and contrast various sources of nutritional information and be able to identify unsubstantiated health and nutrition claims. • Demonstrate how to locate, interpret, and use professional literature to make ethical, evidence-based decisions. • Evaluate original recipes for sensory and nutritional qualities. • Identify nutritional benefits and culinary applications of selected ingredients. • Establish goals for recipe modifications or substitutions with consideration of specific diseases or conditions. • Demonstrate an understanding of the recipe modification process and apply nutritional knowledge and skills to develop and modify recipes with consideration of the prevention and management of diet related diseases. • Test and evaluate sensory and nutritional qualities of food products