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Small Group Communication: Forming & Sustaining Teams

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Jasmine R. Linabary, Emporia State University

Moon Castro, Emporia State University

Copyright Year: 2021

Publisher: Jasmine R. Linabary

Language: English

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Reviewed by Dana Trunnell, Associate Professor of Communication, Prairie State College on 6/15/22

I am impressed with the coverage of topics that illustrate how students can become more effective communicators in various small group settings. This text lends credence to the historical study of small group work while also providing students... read more

Reviewed by Erica Knotts, Communication Instructor, Southern Oregon University on 1/2/22

Content is easy to understand for students new to the study of small group communication. While I would have liked to see a few more theories and models explored in depth rather than just a quick reference, the content included seemed to cover all... read more

Reviewed by Lynn McCool, Assistant Professor of Business Communication, Drake University on 11/17/21

This book provides a thorough overview of small group and team-based communication theory, formation, and essential skills. read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Group & Team Communication Overview
    • 1. Introducing Small Group Communication
  • II. Forming Groups
    • 2. Understanding Group Formation
    • 3. Identifying Group Roles
    • 4. Establishing and Maintaining Group Norms
    • 5. Working in Diverse Teams
    • 6. Negotiating Power in Groups
  • III. Sustaining Groups
    • 7. Cultivating a Supportive Group Climate
    • 8. Navigating Group Conflict
    • 9. Confronting and Preventing Social Loafing
    • 10. Making Decisions in Groups
    • 11. Engaging in Group Problem-Solving
    • 12. Identifying Leaders
    • 13. Leading in Groups
  • IV. Putting Group Communication Skills into Practice
    • 14. Facilitating Group Meetings
    • 15. Enhancing Creativity in Groups
    • 16. Presenting as a Group

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  • About the Book

    Small Group Communication: Forming & Sustaining Teams is an interdisciplinary textbook focused on communication in groups and teams. This textbook aims to provide students with theories, concepts, and skills they can put into practice to form and sustain successful groups across a variety of contexts.

    About the Contributors


    Moon Castro is a McNair Scholar and a senior communication major at Emporia State University. His research interests include peacebuilding, social change, and emerging technology. Castro is a past winner of the Community Impact Challenge, a grant competition in which teams of students identify creative and meaningful solutions to challenges facing the campus or local community.


    Jasmine R. Linabary, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of communication at Emporia State University. Her research focuses on organizing, new media, and social change. She teaches classes on topics like small group communication, group leadership, communication and emerging technology, ethics, and public speaking, among others. She is also the co-founder and director of the EAT Initiative, an interdisciplinary and collaborative effort to combat food insecurity.

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